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Our Facilitators

How can an entrepreneurship facilitator help?

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are funded by the Australian Government, and can help you develop your idea into a business by providing free mentoring and business support, including:

  • Assisting you to understand how to go about starting a business.
  • Helping you develop a marketing plan.
  • Working with you to identify your business needs.
  • Referring you to other appropriate support and assistance (that may be fee for service).
  • Peter Peterson

    Peter Peterson

    Entrepreneurship Facilitator

    Rockhampton, QLD

  • Natalie Brookes

    Natalie Brookes

    Entrepreneurship Facilitator

    Richmond Tweed
    Ballina, NSW

  • Christopher Mooney

    Christopher Mooney

    Entrepreneurship Facilitator

    Sydney - South West
    Campbelltown, NSW

  • Ashley Hayden

    Ashley Hayden

    Entrepreneurship Facilitator

    Melbourne - South East
    Pakenham, VIC

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Upcoming Events

  • Sydney - South West
April 30, 2020 Online

Business advice for a better start-up

Serial entrepreneur, Chris Mooney brings 40 years of B2B experience to the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Thursday Panel Talk!
Learn the top tips to make your start-up a success! In this one-hour session, Chris and the team will teach you how to best set up and scale start-ups in times of crisis.
Learn from Australia's most experienced and trusted business to business specialist with a substantial international trade and business development background. Chris Mooney brings a unique strategic lens to operational, marketing, sales and customer challenges.

Do you have a question for Chris?

There will also be a Q&A session at the end, where you will have the opportunity to ask Chris and the panel any questions you have about entrepreneurship and how to overcome business challenges.
Don't miss the opportunity to start your business journey off on the right foot. Register to join live on the night or to receive the recording.

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